Foxy Head – Why Foxy Head is behind the new SAR Audio guitar cabinet?

“The reason is simple: these cabinets represent something that was needed in the market! Foxy Boxes are the perfect blend of modern and vintage sound, but also a fusion of new and old approaches to concert activities. Today it is very important that the equipment is lightweight for transportation but also strong enough to withstand daily “kicking”. Of course, still the most important thing on stage, large or small, we can achieve a healthy stage volume without any compromise in sound quality.

This is exactly what the new SAR Foxy Boxes are all about: perfect sound but also the compactness to fit in the trunk of any car at the same time, without annoying other band members and asking for their help with transportation.

The two Jensen speakers (12 “by 50 W) will provide more than enough volume for any use. In particular, will surprise you with a pleasant midrange that represents the perfect balance between aggression and warmth. The size and material of the cabinet are enough to overcome the biggest problem of compact amplifiers called boxiness, which often occurs in cabinets of smaller sizes. Foxy Boxes come in two variants, open and closed back, so the audio options are limitless. Finaly, from personal experience we can tell you that SAR Audio Foxy Boxes sound huge and open in dimensions that will give you flexibility and a perfect volume level, both in a small club and in large spaces.„

Zlaya i Sergio